A rare moment sitting still led me to update my website (www.nebaribonsai.com).  While updating the photos there, and looking over my failed attempts to maintain a decent blog through the website, I decided to set up a new one here that would be easier to access and post to…if you give a mouse a cookie…

It was a pleasure to host Peter Warren for his second trip to Alabama last weekend.  This time we had time to see a little Birmingham “culture”, including a visit to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Vulcan (far too high), BBQ, and a proper football game…once the Tide decided to get ROLLING in the 2nd half against Tennessee.
Our workshops were successful and educational, we revisited a pine Peter did for a demonstration to the Alabama Bonsai Society in April, and pushed it along the road to bonsai just a bit further.  We (mostly he) wired my white pine, and I couldn’t be happier with the profile now.  He works fast and fearlessly.

We also began this Ezo Spruce, a recent purchase from Brent Walston at Evergreen Gardenworks.  I believe he said it was about 20 years old, from seed collected in Japan.

As it arrived from Brent this summer

Here is the tree with the branches that got to stay:

After pruning it back

It looks a bit disheveled at the moment, and probably will for the next year or so.  It is very root-bound in this pot, and will require some heavy work next spring.  Once it recovers a bit and puts on some new growth next year, some wiring can begin.

One thing I detest in bonsai is the cliche carved dead apex; it’s a copout not unlike a song simply fading out instead of having an actual ending.  Presently, this has the dreaded carved apex, and I am determined to make it presentable and convincing, or remove it entirely in favor of the branch we wired upright to become the new, living apex.