A colorful year in the life of a Japanese Maple

This maple is a favorite tree; I’ve written about it quite a few times, and spent most of last year dragging it in to yet another club meeting to discuss something seasonably appropriate…and joking each time it would be the last time it showed up there.  The (outdated) article on it’s development from a nursery container is here.  The cultivar is ‘shishio improved‘; although I’ve not seen the unimproved cultivar.  My only complaint about this cultivar is that the trunk refuses to put on any bark; it seems to be as green now as it was in ’04.

This was the first year it wasn’t wired over the winter, and it held a nice shape all year.  Here are a few photos of how the tree changes over the seasons.  It really exemplifies the season.

Enjoy!  Thanks for looking, and feel free to leave comments.  What do you want to see next?


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