Prunus Mume (Part 2 of 4)

The ume bloomed beautifully last month. As the last of the blooms faded, it was time to revisit some old articles and notes about pruning. I’ve always read that ume is pruned heavily after blooming. I’ve also read that buds may not predictably open, so if the branch is pruned back, not leaving a viable bud, it’s not likely you’ll get one that spring. So, in true conservative fashion, I pruned the ume gently. Once the buds swell and leaves begin to emerge, it is safe to prune back to the first or second viable bud. More on that in Part 4.

In full bloom:


After deadheading most of the flowers:


Wire removed:


Lightly pruned:


What’s next? Repotting is done after blooming and before growth begins. With the warm weather we’ve had, I’m surprised it hasn’t started leafing out yet. Pine candles are starting to stretch, and magnolias are blooming all around us. I’m trying to hold off as long as possible in case March comes in like a (frigid) lion. I have several pots I’m debating among. That will be Part 3.

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