Random photos

Pyracantha, collected in Pas Christian, MS in 2005:


Hawthorn collected in 1999:


Korean hornbeam Yamadori, estimated to be 70-100 years old:


Cork bark Japanese Black Pine, ‘kyokko yatsabusa’


Japanese Black Pine from Brussel’s, in training since 2007:


Itoigawa Juniper from Brent Walston’s Evergreen Gardenworks, apps 15 years old…will be the subject of an upcoming article…love this tree:


Kurume azalea, approximately 50 years old, dug in 2002, first styled with Ben Oki in 2005:



3 thoughts on “Random photos

  1. Lovely Brian! I still really love that Hornbeam and JBP! Would you mind putting the finished heights on them? It’s so hard to tell the height from a photo. And looking forward to reading about that Itoigawa juniper. Looks great so far!
    When working with such large stock material, how do you determine the finished height? Where to make the first trunk chop to start developing taper from there? I’ve read several “Rules”, of trunk diam. to finished ht. for example. Do you follow any rules or what just looks good to your eye?

    • Thanks Chris. The hornbeam is 20″ tall, and the black pine is down to 15″ tall.

      I don’t really consider what the finished height should be in inches, but rather what looks right for the design. The hornbeam has actually gotten about 3″ taller since I got it, and the pine continues to get shorter. Both seem appropriate.

  2. Boy looks are deceiving! I thought that Hornbeam was at least 24″ and the Pine certainly taller than 15″ with a trunk that size! But it looks more powerful and older being that short. Thanks.

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