Zelkova follow up

Earlier this year, this post showed how to clean up callus tissue to keep it rolling over the wound. This is an older zelkova, that has been a bonsai for over 30 years. The last 6 years of its styling are documented here.

Here is a quick update on how the callus did over the last 4 months. The lower-left one is nearly closed, and by repeating the process once more, they probably can be closed in the next year or two.





Not bad after bring completely defoliated twice this year. Next year, it will be repotted again to continue to work on the nebari, which is developing…just under the surface!


And, with a bit of fall color in Mid-November:


And leafless now:


5 thoughts on “Zelkova follow up

    1. I better be careful, or you’re going to want it back now that its “fun-size”!!!

      Never could track down Rev. John Holcombe to show him how it turned out.

    1. Judy, I will probably use the same pot. The size and shape are right for the tree. I commissioned Byron Myrick to make this pot, as a replica of one I really like (in the book Classic Bonsai of Japan). The size and shape are dead-on, but the glaze fired more yellow than jade. I think it will improve with some age and patina, and I really enjoy the shape.

      What type of pot would you use for it?

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