Kurume Azalea: Through the Past, Quickly

I see a red bush and I want to prune it back…

I found this among some stones out of my front yard in 2000, potted it, and took it to a Ben Oki workshop a few years later in ’05. Now I call it my Ben Oki azalea.

In the ground in late ’00:

In January ’02:

Coral Azalea 0102

It flew with me to Iowa to attend Ben Oki’s workshop in ’05:
Workshop Azalea before
Mr. Oki is on the right; balancing the strength of the branches by comparing leaf size, and keeping branches that were similar in strength.
Mr Oki and Brian (1)
Azalea after workshop
His vision (and drawing….so cool!):

Somehow, the right apex must have gotten bent back toward the left in packing or transit…and it stuck; never really noticed that until I compared these photos. Here it is back in Birmingham, repotted:
Repotted and Back Home (1)

Late ’06:


Spring ’07:

Ben Oki Azalea 2007 (1a)

Spring ’08, freshly repotted into straight Kanuma:

BenOki Azalea 08 (15)

Spring ’09:

Ben Oki Azalea 09 (0)

Spring ’10:

Ben Oki Azalea 10 (15)

Spring ’11:

Ben Oki Azalea 11 (2)

Spring ’12:


And on the 7th year…it rested. I repotted it for the first time in 5 years, and removed all the flower buds to give it a little break.


4 thoughts on “Kurume Azalea: Through the Past, Quickly

  1. Wow! I am not a flower kind of guy with bonsai. In fact, I ……………………………………………………………..! However, this works. As usual, your pictorial essay is inspirational.

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