Japanese Beech part 1

I bought this beech at Brussels’ in 2004. It was imported from Japan in 1997. For all the flaws, really, I just wanted a Japanese Beech and they’re not really common in the US. Now, nearly 10 years later, I’ve managed to correct about 50% of the defects. Maybe in another 10 years I’ll have a post showing how easy it is to make a beech in 20 years!

As shown on the website…a photo I spent quite a few months pining for…


As purchased and in the yard:


So what’s wrong? Plenty.


Step 1, 2006: Reduce the long, straight span of trunk:


Grow tree for the year, in a larger pot. This would later prove to be a bad idea, as the soil collapsed and nearly had to say goodbye to the tree. Here it is in a weak condition:


During repotting in ’07, the extent of the root rot was apparent:


The nebari would have to wait, but as shown below, we had quite a ways to go. I also attempted several bud grafts, which failed, so I won’t bother showing that…


The good news is that the tree lived. Here is a shot in November ’08:

In March ’09, I shortened the long shoots:

Picture9 Picture10

Then grew it on until May, when it was cut back, and a second flush emerged. Here it is in August ’09:


And that winter:


Contrary to everything I’ve read, when it grows out, and is pinched back to 2-3 notes, it will produce another flush of growth. Sweet! This photo is from August ’10:



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