tool and A Box of Rain

A quick post about my favorite one…easy. Danny Carey.


Oh…favorite bonsai tool. Well, not as easy to Pushit down to one, but when I grab a fistful of tools and H.ead out to the benches, after less than 10,000 Days of practicing the craft, here are the most Useful Idiots that more than Vicariously join me at the benches…okay, I’ve hit bottom with the song references…


From left:
Shears: trimming current growth and small branches; up to matchstick size.
Wire cutters: as the name implies…the only tool we should be using to cut wire!
Knob cutter: when removing a branch, it leaves a dimpled wound in the branch or trunk. This is especially good for trees with a large cambium, so the resulting callus doesn’t protrude.
Chopstick: good for everything! Loosening up crusty soil, removing spider webs and dead leaves.
Pliers: sometimes guy-wires need to be tightened, and sometimes good for giving a wired branch just one more tweak.
Tweezers: good for grabbing yellow pine needles and damaged leaves, and weeds from pots.

Happy Independence Day weekend for our American readers! Head on out and get some bonsai work done. Always Grateful for it, but if it rains any more here, I may need a snorkel to get out there to work on these soaking specimens!







Five-needle pine:



One thought on “tool and A Box of Rain

  1. The heat finally just broke for us out here in the Bay Area and it is comfortable to be working outside again. I saw Tool in concert several years ago and they put on one hell of a show. Maynard came out and sang a few songs dressed as a preacher and proceeded to strip down to nothing but ladies undergarments.

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