Candle-cutting continues

Last week, weak candles were removed, and some new needles from the strongest areas were plucked. Today, one week later, candles from the medium-strength zones were removed. After 2 weeks, the remaining, strong candles will be removed, completing this year’s candle cutting exercise.

Spring growth on JBP is removed in the summer to promote more ramification, and a shortening the remaining time to grow before dormancy means needles and internodes are shorter as well. We start with weaker shoots to give them a head start, and finish with the strong shoots to help balance strength overall.

Before phase 2:


After phase 2 (with a “helmet head” appearance I’ll have to endure looking at for the next 2 weeks):


What was removed this round? About half of what will be removed this year was removed in this second phase:


A peek under the tent shows that the ramification is building; which means plenty of branches to work with this fall when it’s time to prune and re-wire.


More on this one in a couple weeks. Saturday, we’ll look at sacrifice branches vs. final branches on a JBP developing in the ground.


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