Candle-cutting complete

Finally, pruning the remaining candles from this spring’s growth: the strongest shoots in the crown.
Before (14 days after medium zone was decandled):

After remaining strong zone was decandled:

New buds starting to break in the weakest zone, 21 days after the candles were cut:

Now we have about 100 days until the first frost, just enough time for new candles to grow, open, and set buds for next year! We’ll revisit the growth rate comparisons between “3-stage” and “all-at-once” candle-cutting later this fall.

It will need to be unwired and rewired, and I’m eager to get a look at the (intentional) break made to move that first right branch down. The guy-wire and raffia will have been in place for 2 years by this fall. Should be a good winter project.

To recap, July 1, before:

July 1, after cutting candles in weak zones:

July 8, after cutting candles in medium zones:

July 22, after cutting candles in strong zones:

Thanks for reading. This Saturday, we’ll take a look at trimming junipers during the growing season, and next Saturday, pruning a larger shimpaku.


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