Trident maple in the ground, taper from the bottom

I got this idea from a buddy in MS, who got it from a buddy in IL, so I’m applying it here in AL, on a tree from another buddy who works in OR. Maybe I’m the only one amused by that…

Anyway, spending some time crawling through the growing beds, chopping, clipping, pasting, and planning, I thought I’d tackle this root and see how it responds. 8/1/13:

Exposed the offending root:

Cut it back to make the larger portion accessible:

Saw it off, so the entirety of the cut is facing downward:

I reduced it just a little further (to about the soil level), but failed to photograph the removal of the last chunk; keeping in mind the goal of planning for new roots to emerge on the same plane as the rest of the tree:

Removed the roots from the soil where possible, then packed the underside of the cut with sphagnum moss:

Finally, replaced the soil just a little higher than before, and watered well:


Just for fun, here is the chop from the previous post, three weeks later, and the callus is actively rolling:

Next week, a little root over rock action, as the trident maple theme continues!

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