Root over rock trident maple project Part 2

An update after more work on this trident maple. Apologies in advance for the weeds and busy background…
Growing strong in May:

Tightened up at the mid-section, and cut back in early July:

Checking roots’ attachment to the rock a few weeks later, it appears the lower roots are still somewhat thin.

I think it can go into a bonsai pot next year, since another year in the ground might allow the upper roots to cover more of the rock than I want. However, I do want the lower roots to thicken more first, and ensure the roots are tightly secured. We still have 8 weeks or so, hopefully enough time to pump them up.

Trim back unnecessary and unsightly roots, then wrap the area tightly in Parafilm to hold everything in place, then go once around with aluminum wire:

Pack the lower area with wet sphagnum moss, then secure it with a plastic bag:
Brief delay of game…


Finally, a few bamboo sticks were pushed into the void to keep it open:

One week later:

Thanks for reading…we’ll check back in on this one in March…fingers crossed!


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