Fat Little Trident Maple part 2

This trident didn’t exactly respond to spring pruning as I had hoped. Here is a mid-July photo:

The new leader emerged as a fish hook, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to bud back quite as close to the trunk chop…leaving that second section longer than I wanted. All the movement went to the right, and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I asked Al K., a shohin trident aficionado for his opinion. He did the following Virtual rendering, and it all clicked…he simply changed the movement from right to left and suddenly it worked. Thanks again Al.

So I went to work…





Next up was to add a thread graft in the right spot for,the first right branch…using the editing right branch as the scion to replace itself…
Check fit, drill hole, defoliate branch, thread through, tighten it against the exit hole, seal with paste, wrap branch in Parafilm to protect the branch while it adjusts to the bend:





It didn’t exactly work…more next week.


5 thoughts on “Fat Little Trident Maple part 2

  1. I am in Japan at the moment at bonsai school. Small trees like shohin are grown as early as possible in a smaller container. The growth achieved that way is much more refined and controlled. I feel your tree might benefit at this stage being transplanted….though the development will be slower. Perhaps not to disturb it while the graft is growing for now.

  2. Brian, would you have cut it that low with no new bud below the cut? Next spring I want to cut back a trident in ground, but there’s no buds below where I want to cut.

    Graft one and get it established before you chop…

  3. Hello Brian,
    That virtual image was a great direction to go with, as for the thread graft I think it’s more forward facing? The current branch that have the cut paste looks good for the branch but the cut throws the branch of May be used the whip but notch it instead and remove that cut having the cambium take from the inside of the branch.

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