Fat little trident maple part 3

I’m pretty sure I stripped too much of the green bark off the scion as I passed it through the trunk. I looked at it the next day and noticed some shredding along the scion, so I wrapped it with Parafilm in an attempt to preserve it, but to no avail. A month later and the wrapped scion was still a leafless twig.




So we move to plan B….or C.

Plan B is to dig it up and try thread-grafting again with one of the new shoots currently growing. Digging it will help me get a better angle with the drill…to drill it in the ground, I had to dig a hole! It will also give me a chance to work the nebari and get it ready for a pot.

Plan C is to simply use a volunteer shoot, the one in my hand is close to the right spot, but not precisely. Precise is the name of the game with shohin, so it’s not a great plan.

For now, I wired the new apex upward, and pruned the closest shoot back to one pair to encourage ramification in close to the next section of trunk so I don’t have the same problem with the second branch as I do on the first.


Fast forward another 2 weeks…

Thin out excess:

Pin down the growth on the right side (reserving for grafting later) to give the plan “C” shoot a height and light advantage:



This may be the last of this year’s work. Next year, it will probably move to a training pot to develop some primary branches.

Next week, we take a look at an epic fail…

2 thoughts on “Fat little trident maple part 3

  1. Excellent pics. as usual. Great lesson! Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes. I like that you always have a plan. Thanks

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