Not Rolling Stones

Our family went to Highlands NC for a nice long Labor Day weekend with two more families and we had a great time together. On Sunday afternoon, we went to an area of the Cullasaja River that the locals call “The Flats”. We spread out our relaxing gear and had a look around only to notice a guy stacking rocks randomly in the river. It was interesting, albeit strange. It made for a few good photos, and got me thinking about starting another root-over-rock project…







So I found a good stone that seemed to be smooth, dense, solid, and dark. It had some good crevices for roots, and the “front” even leaned toward the viewer. Here is the rock, with some chalk lines suggesting the planting position, and some channels for roots to run down. It’s a good 5-year project with a trident.



A little more from the area? How about:
Dry Falls:


Inspirational Accent Plant:


Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Not Rolling Stones

  1. That’s pretty cool! I’m a couple hours south of Highlands and have been to the flats before. Great area up there. This time it wasn’t me but I will occasionally stack rock sculptures when I visit rivers and creeks, it’s a fun way to leave some non permanent art.

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