Shimpaku Styling 2

In late August, I started slowly, carefully…and manually…

Peeling the branches off produces a very natural effect. Draw the lines with a Sharpie, and as an added visual aid, fill in the areas to be removed with white chalk…it helps to ensure none of the sharis girdle a necessary branch. Then use a sharp blade and cut the line deep enough to keep the edges clean and sharp. Go carefully and slowly so they don’t run off course.





For now, leaving the left branch partly alive (Princess Bride anyone), I can keep the tree stronger overall, and live wood is easier to carve with hand tools than is dead wood. I did add a twist to one branch to see how long it takes to hold…will be an interesting experiment, and may lead to an interesting Jin down the road. I also moved what will become the first right branch down with a guy wire:


A month later, late September, I took the plunge…slowly, deliberately, and with hand-tools only


Yes, they’re too long for now, and they will be shortened…

Probably a little more than this…although the final length will be determined when the silhouette is closer to completed.

This will be where the work stops for the year. If it’s vigorous in the spring, I’ll take another few steps with it. Thanks for reading!


It will take a couple more years, but here’s the vision…

What do you think? What would you have done?


2 thoughts on “Shimpaku Styling 2

  1. Good start Brian. I’d move to try and get the large Jin at the base to swirl in the same direction as the shari using a blow torch before the sap dries out. Will be a cracking tree I’m sure in your care.

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