More junipers

My buddy Ron collected this juniper 8 years ago, and has let it bulk up pretty nicely in his back yard since then. He brought it to Birmingham a few weeks ago to work on with Owen Reich. Nice first styling!




During the workshop, Owen refined this Itoigawa…very tasty work indeed!




4 thoughts on “More junipers

  1. I really like the tree. The lower jin is just great, foliage is great but I think the upper apex jin is overkill. Maybe have a shorter less dominant apical jin? Simplicity is best for this tree but again, I have a fatal flaw to my opinion…..I didn’t pull weeds in japan.

    • Mitch, your opinion is just that. Personally, I’d shorten it or bend it to complement the movement of the trunk. One or two subtle bends of the lower part could make it flow better.

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