USDA Zone 7/8 winter storage

When I put the trees away for the mild winter we get, the goal is to minimize fluctuations in temperature, moisture, and sunlight. Here is what I do.
1. Rake out and clean under the bench:

2. Spray the area for pests:

3. Load the trees. The ones I plan to work on over the winter are kept toward the front for easier access. Water well:

4. Spray everything for pests again, then cover with pine straw, and spray again to ensure no critters make their way on:


Later, I’ll hit everything with a lime-sulphur spray, at about 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon. It acts as a dormant spray and fairly effective fungicide. Pines and junipers are pretty hardy and benefit from more light and exposure to the elements. Unless it dips down into the low teens, they will remain on the benches.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “USDA Zone 7/8 winter storage

  1. Amazing! and so easy! Here in zone 3 it is now 17 below zero. My trees are in a unheated dedicated storage building. It is hovering at 20 degrees in there this morning. Thank you for sharing these fundamentals of your bonsai garden it has enriched me so much.

  2. Like most of your posts extremely informative and helpful, especially to a beginner like me. Your blog is one of my most important resources. Many thanks!

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