Ginkgo from seed

In 1996 I collected 11 ginkgo fruits (incredibly foul-smelling) from near MacKay Hall at Iowa State University, and seven of them grew; 4 are still living. This one has been in the ground in Iowa, chopped back annually for the last 14 years, and was dug this spring. My buddy brought it down in November, thought I’d share. It’s about 18″ tall, and developing some chi-chis that may become problematic for taper, or if they continue extending, can make for a powerful trunk.

Here is a shot from the 1930s, showing a bit of the ginkgo grove from which these seeds came.


Somewhere I have a photo of the trees as they germinated. Fast-forward 18 years, and here is the tree:
Before pruning:

After pruning to remove interior and crossing branches:

Slip-potting it into its first bonsai pot:



The goal is to allow it to grow into a sort of broom style that, with ginkgoes, tends to be known as a flame style. Many thanks and all credit to my buddy Ron, who is largely responsible for what the tree is today…as it spent 14 years growing in his yard. Thanks buddy…I’ll take it from here. How’s the other one doing?


One thought on “Ginkgo from seed

  1. way cool!!!!! The other one is better….that’s why you got this one…….:-) Not really, this one looks great now…

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