Quiz: can you tell which side faced north for the last 5 years?
Right side:

Left side:


I fully admit I’m neglect in rotating my trees…enough that I built my bonsai garden with benches facing all directions so at worst, I could move them around and still see the front, while giving the trees a different exposure to the sun. Even then…

This hawthorn spent the last 5 years or more facing East, meaning it’s right side faced North, and it has resulted in a weakened right side. In early June, I moved it to a Southwest-facing position and gave it a good haircut. We’ll see how it responds to its new view.



Here is another example, an azalea that hasn’t been rotated in a few years, and the back is weakening. I don’t have any shots of the back in a weakened state, but the circled areas show where interior branches are dying, and the growth is sparce.

In June, the tree was turned 180 degrees, and within a month, the back was filling in:



2 thoughts on “Rotation

  1. I too do not rotate…..if I had the $, every tree would be on a lazy-Susan. That said,I agree about the right side, a slight visual weight difference. Might try foliar feeding that side every day for awhile along with the sun rotation.

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