Guy wires

Another look
Aquarium tubing:

Fold it over:

Cut one side of the kinks to make an escape for the two wire ends:

Loop the wire (never use aluminum, it stretches):

Secure the tubing over the target branch (represented by a chopstick here) and thread each end of the wire through the ends of the tube, and out through the escape hole:


And finally, move the branch, and twist the wires with pliers to take up the slack.



4 thoughts on “Guy wires

  1. I use the same tubing! I take it everywhere I work on trees. The only difference is I run the wire straight through and tighten it from the bottom.

  2. Same here Dan. Brian, also may I suggest a trip to Pepboys to get black hosing, it looks much better, and doesn’t get that nasty greenish/brown color.

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