Ezo spruce pruning and wiring

Pruned hard in fall ’11, root worked hard in spring ’12, wired in winter ’13, then allowed to grow freely for the next two growing seasons. Time to get back to work!
After wires were removed:

Before work began (notice how much the primary branch on the right has sprung back up after 2 years in a guy wire…spruce have notoriously bad memory!):


Lower branches pruned and wired. I’m learning how Ezo spruces grow, and modifying pruning a bit so the branches are better-positioned, emerging in pairs, and side to side, similar to pines. Remember to leave little jins behind as well:



Continuing to the top! And counting on some back-budding in the crown.


We’ll see how cuttings do (28 made on 9/23/14):

More carnage…more than 1/2 of the foliage was removed.

Good night shot:



2 thoughts on “Ezo spruce pruning and wiring

  1. Another excellent post! That looks like it must have been so much fun, I love that part of the process, paring away the excess, and revealing the inner tree.

  2. Very nice Brian!

    Do you let the wire bite in any? Letting them bite in for a while should help the branches to set a little better.

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