White pine “rescue” 3

Fall is a good time to wire, and since the tree responded well to the repotting by growing strong this year, it is safe to proceed.

First, the only branches moving to the right crossed from the left, and emerged from an awkward spot at the inside of a curve. They’d always be a problem, so they were removed. This, along with old needles represented the only foliage removed. The goal was to use as much of the foliage as possible, while setting up the design to have “room to grow” into itself over the next few years.

Heavy branches were wrapped with raffia and moved with Guy wires to prevent breaking. Moving them down and spreading them out allows light into the tree, and provides space for developing foliage pads over the next few years.


And sorting what little there was for an apex:

Night shot shows what tweaks need to be made:

The design will allow the upcoming years’ growth plenty of room to fill in, and frame in the trunk from the right and top.

Thanks for reading! Next week, we’ll continue with more from Bill Valavanis’ International Arboretum, and then we’ll jump into some more JBP seasonal work.


4 thoughts on “White pine “rescue” 3

  1. Looking good!. do you have any special tips on why and how to use guy wires, especially when connecting to another branch and not just a pot lip. Thanks for sharing.

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