Workshop Shimpaku re-revisited again

This project tree has been worked twice with Kathy, and once with Bjorn in ’13. It was left to its own devices for most of 2 growing seasons. Long runners were trimmed back, but that’s been about it until September ’14.

Beginning thinning in September:

After studying the best trees at the USNBE, it was clear that I needed to compact my trees more. Shorter distances between internodes, with more movement and taper, and thinner foliage pads. With that in mind, many branches are being evaluated against this standard. Lower right branch is too long, too straight:


Unwired, thinned out, and a little additional Shari extension:

Cleaning out the crotches and thinning the weak growth meant considerable removal!

Main branches were pretty well-set, so the secondaries were spread out:

And finally, the apex was pulled over a bit to the right to improve the balance:



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