Happy New Year!

Like many of us, I made some resolutions for 2014; the usual stuff…lose weight, exercise more, make a career change, more time with family (closely related to the previous), publish a book, study with artists whose work I admire, ride 1500 miles on the road bike, and show at the Nationals. With all that accomplished in 2014, what does 2015 look like? Following personal, family, and professional growth, here are some bonsai goals I’ve set for the upcoming year, and some changes you can expect to see, if you’re a frequent reader of Nebari Bonsai.

1. Improve: quality of trees, quality of stock, quality of work, quality of what I share here…always improve.

2. Teach: this year, in conjunction with the Alabama Bonsai Society, I’ll be teaching a series of beginner bonsai classes. While these are local classes, I may have a few weekends open to travel to you. Contact me for details.

3. Collect: I always look forward to getting out into the great outdoors. Be assured I’ll have have a camera in tow!

4. Prepare: for the 2016 Nationals…and the 2018. What, you haven’t planned out your displays yet? Still plenty of time…

5. Throwback Thursday. Yes, I’m late to this dance, but I’ve got my shoes on! With thousands of photos spanning 20 years of bonsai work, I’ll be sharing some fun “Before/After” shots, workshop and demo photos, exhibitions, and outings on some Thursdays throughout the year.

Starting with 2 throwbacks; these were my bonsai goals for 2012:
Repot LESS often
Document MORE often
Work with 3 bonsai professionals
Enter a tree in the US National Bonsai Exhibition
Add-on to display area
Purchase only used pots
Improve quality of material growing in the ground
Eliminate my bottom 3 trees from the benches

And here is a shot from my first MABA show appearance in 1998:


And from the 2015 National Exhibition:


What are your bonsai goals for 2015? How can I help?


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hay, I’m all-in on most of those goals…..not sure about the dancing, but I’ll try. Looking forward to Throwback Thursdays. Thanks for all your posts, always informative!

  2. Thanks for all the time you give to sharing with others, look forward to watching in 2015.
    I think I have seen the pot in your MABA 1998 picture

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