Shimpaku air layer

To commemorate the first day of Spring, I started an air layer on a good-sized branch of this shimpaku from Evergreen Gardenworks. Brent always has great stuff, check him out.





The sphagnum moss was first soaked in Dip ‘n Grow, diluted to 1:10:


By early July, a few white roots were appearing, which is a good sign!

By the first day of Fall, enough roots had formed that it was safe to separate. This will give 6-8 weeks for the roots to grow out into the new pot.







This view shows what was the underside of the branch, so it’s a bit pale, but definitely showing some potential to become a nice little triple trunk!
And here it is, just a couple days after the first day of winter, still looking great, and sporting the bronzy winter color!

In a year or so, it will be ready for some training toward becoming a respectable shohin.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at closing a wound quickly over the course of a growing season, and removing those pesky calcium deposits from pots over the course of a year, good stuff!

Also, speaking of courses…I will be teaching a course for beginners, called Beginning Bonsai. 4 seasonal sessions, lecture, demo, and hands-on. Class starts at my garden on 1/24. Contact me for more details, a couple spots remain. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Shimpaku air layer

  1. Do you apply any hormone to the tree itself? Or just soak the moss in the dip n grow and then wrap it up? I’ve had ok results with powder, somewhat disappointing results with clonex gel but never tried the dip n grow. And that’s wire at the top cut right?
    Looking forward to both of these coming along in the future!

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