Azaleas…cleaning up after the big show

Kurume azaleas bloom first, then grow.
Satsuki azaleas grow first, then bloom.

This kurume azalea is just past the peak of blooming, and it’s time to remove the flowers to make way for the ensuing growth. It’s important to do it now, because they’re starting to grow, and we want to remove the flower, but not disrupt the newly-forming growth.

To remove the flower, I lay my scissors perpendicular to the bud, press them to the base, and cut flush:


It’s a little easier to see what’s being removed without the flower petals…this is the ovary, or fruiting body, that needs to be removed:



New buds are fuzzy and silvery… Can you spot them?


See why it’s important it get to it sooner than later?


An interesting perspective…



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