“Seattle Elm”

The first of two visits to Bonsai Northwest yielded this Chinese elm and Japanese pot. It was 1996, and in 1997 I potted it up.

Fall 1997 after first styling:

(See that rock on the right? I collected it in Seattle too…it’s now adorned with a trident maple)


But I digress. Back to 1997, when I didn’t waste any time putting the elm in the IBA fall show a minute after the wire job:


In late 1998, it got another big haircut and wiring; first go with copper:

See that second branch up on the right? It was a lightbulb moment: branches are 3D…make movement left right up down! Be sure to check it out 3 photos down in 2003.

In Birmingham sometime in 1999, after removing the first big raised root:



Around 2003, when it finally straightened up…and around the time I sold it.


I made some root cuttings at this repotting, which provided another generation of root cuttings, which were planted in the ground around 2008.

Here are the 2nd generation root cuttings from the Seattle Elm, in 2015. The first one, which I sold:

With a cracking nebari started:


And the other, which I kept, and have big plans for the little shohin:





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