Ondae I’ll make a decision, part 3

For the back story: https://nebaribonsai.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/ondae-ill-make-a-decision/

It was a good year, but the needles grew very large; an expected reaction when the tree was reduced to its first branch. Happily, it responded well, didn’t lose a shoot, and continued to grow very nicely all year. This spring, candles are elongating and I repotted it to begin working it into its new position. Before:



The new potting angle added nice graceful movement to the trunk. I decided to sell the tree, but to a member of the club, so it’s gone but not forgotten. This fall, we’ll remove the wire, and re-wire the primary branches into position. Once the current needles are removed, the tree will really start to take shape; with foliage close in to the trunk!


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