Carolina Bonsai Expo

Here are a few shots of our preparation for the Expo. many thanks to Arthur Joura and John Geanangel for the invitation and support. It was quite a project to collaborate locally and determine which trees would make up our display. This was our first year, and we had 8′ of linear table space, adding a degree of difficulty, but I think our display was a good representation of our club, and nice entry into the show.
“Dress rehearsal” in my basement office/workshop:



The committee hard at work:


Shot of the pyracantha ready for show:


Jim’s cascade JBP, which he has raised from a seedling for around 25 years, and measures around 25″ top to bottom, is an impressive tree:



Here is a shot of Bobby’s Hokkaido elm forest. It is a beautiful composition that I had hoped he’d put forth for consideration, and was glad to see it in the show.

Our accent pieces are compliments of Ron Dennis, and include a very dense suiseki that complimented the berries of the pyracantha. It’s a stone cold cold stone, even staying cool chilling in a hot car. Very cool indeed.

The accent plant is in a Jotaihou; 40-50 year old Chinese container, purchased from Ryan Bell, planted with mixed wild grasses, in seed, and a creeping fig, moving the eye into the display. The pine painted on the accent pot moves nicely with the cascading pine overhead.

Obligatory load-out shots:

Extra accent plants, felt pads for pot feet, sock o walnuts to shine up the pots, along with the stone cold stone, and it’s diaza:

Laying down the Stands:

Finished product…



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