Corkbark Chinese Elm cleanup







4 thoughts on “Corkbark Chinese Elm cleanup

  1. I like this and will follow your steps. But mine is still dormant. I need to take it out of broken akadama. Could you tell me, please, when is the best time for repotting? It’s been with me for a first year, so I wouldn’t like to spoil it. Thank you, I like your blog very much, keep rolling.

  2. I like it. I like following all your blog posts. All you say is clear, educative and inspirative. I will follow this cork bark elm clean up as well. But I need to take it out of akadama. It’s kept in a cold light room, completely without leaves right now. Can you tell me, please, what is the time for its reporting? Thank you. It’s been with me just for less than a year.

  3. Nice tree and good work. Why the blue tape on your tools? Is it possible to “convincingly” shave the trunk at the turn above the base to make the less abrupt and more tapered?

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