TBT: IBA Fall Show, 1997

What: Iowa Bonsai Association Fall Show
When: 10/5/1997
Where: Des Moines Botanical Center

From right, back row:
American Elm, Chinese Elm, mulberry, serissa Forest, chinese elm, corkbark Chinese elm (mine), bougainvillea (mine), ficus nerifolia (helmet)
From right, front row:
Ilex crenata, serissa (mine), preserved penjing, ficus nerifolia (mine):
From right: my Corkbark Chinese Elm, green island ficus, my bougainvillea, ficus nerifolia.

That Chinese elm on the right? Here is a grandson to that tree; a cutting from a cutting, nearly 20 years later. Nice base.



One thought on “TBT: IBA Fall Show, 1997

  1. Brian, this is the first site I look at each night (when I do) just to see what you have on here. I enjoy these Throw Back pictures, and to see a cutting from a cutting 20 years later, that is COOl. Thank you for “your” time that you share so freely with others.
    You Will Be Blessed

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