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Chinese quince angle change

Bought this Chinese Quince in 2006 as a stick, just to obtain the species.

It went in the ground for a few years, and I chopped it back a few times, but not hard enough. Here it is 10 years later:

Not a bad base, but definitely some issues with taper at the first branch, and the second trunk section is far too long. I didn’t do a great job managing this one in the ground. Cut lower is what I’d go back and tell myself. Now I have a dilemma between chopping and basically starting over, back in the round, and dealing with slow-to-heal scars…or find a planting angle that improves the flow of the trunk. See any other options?



Back left…hmmmm:

Tipped up…getting better:

Let’s give that a year or two and see what develops. Mostly, slip-potted this time, cutting off the back corner and back underside to accommodate the new angle:


An apparent crossing root is worse in the photo than live, but definitely catches the eye as something to address…but let’s see first how this new angle works.

Tough call between pots. I think the old yellow pot (50-70 years old, likely Japanese, but the bottom is glazed and the chop is illegible) is perfect, but the Shuho offers the depth needed for this time.

The apex moves toward the back just a little. It will be redirected, or replaced. Stay tuned.

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