Still crazy!

Update on this shimpaku, obtained from Brent at Evergreen Gardenworks, styled by Crazy in May 2015. I picked up a hex-shaped vintage Chinese etched container from Bjorn later that month, and had a chance to repot the tree in March.

The planting angle change was challenging, as it often is when you’re changing the soil level by 30 degrees or so. It means removing or at least pinning down roots that used to be underground.

I left the wire staple Crazy added when he styled the tree, so I’d stand a chance of honoring his intentions.


It really meant that everything above the trunk had to go. Which means it’s important to keep the rest of it as undisturbed as possible to reduce the shock.

It will take a few repottings to get there, but it’s off to a good start, and the tree doesn’t touch the rim of the pot…which is important. Over time, it may be impossible to keep that Jin, but for now it’s ok:





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