At first, I didn’t quite get Ian’s logo at superblog, Bonsai Eejit:

Of course, with my travel schedule, that must mean I’m a tad slow (insensitive…?), as I’m always phoning home begging someone to water the trees when I can’t get there in time. I’ve always enjoyed hand watering, but I also enjoy taking vacations. This spring I had the existing irrigation system modified to handle the bonsai garden. Josh Delvecchio of Del Irrigation did the work. He had fantastic attention to detail. Today’s post is a peek at the results.

He used a combination of Hunter nozzles, allowing for precise control over the crescent-shaped, elevated bonsai garden; providing big, fat droplets, minimum overspray and double coverage for each tree.



In order to get the water high enough, he put the nozzles on risers along the back side of the stands, and secured them with rebar. As an added aesthetic, Josh spray-painted them with Rust-Oleum Camo paint, so they’d blend in with the background. From this photo, you barely notice them:

But, the system has 14 sprinklers covering the 20 stands and 8′ bench at the back:

Further, he added pop-ups to the front risers, so they’d remain lower than the trees when off, but would pop up 12″ to water. They were painted brown to match the mulch.


Currently, it is set to run in the morning and late afternoon, for 3 minutes each time. It seems quick, but it does the trick. Overall, I am pleased, and enjoy catching the water coming on when I get a chance.





Want to see it in action?

Ready for summer!


5 thoughts on “Au-to-ma-tic

  1. Great article. Those heads look great, I can’t tell from the website if they’d work in an overhead down facing system. Do you know if these can run in an upside down config?
    Your garden looks awesome!

  2. Great setup Brian. Would you be confident in going on holidays for a week or two and relying on this system? what’s your water pressure like and how many of these can you run at once?

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