JBP Candle-Cutting time

Every year I try to post an update on this pine, around candle-cutting time (remember, do this 100 days before your first frost date). This is partly out of habit, and partly to shamelessly promote my book which is basically 100 captioned photos of this tree in the same spot becoming a bonsai over 7 years. A very minimalist concept for a book, but a great way to learn the cause-effect relationship of the techniques we use on JBP bonsai. You can (and really should) buy it here.
This is year 10 for this pine; from a 7-gal nursery can. Branching is coming along pretty nicely:

Enough jibber jabber. Here’s the update.
July 10, before summer candle-cutting…top-down:





Completely unwired:



Lightly pruned, and a couple wires added in preparation for a full wiring this winter:

Lots of carnage!

Lots of sunshine:

Ready to pop right back in 100 days.


4 thoughts on “JBP Candle-Cutting time

  1. Much respect to your top-notch horticultural skills! And an excellently developed specimen.
    And there ain’t nothing wrong with a little jibber-jabber!
    Fantastic tree and thanks for sharing your techniques.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I agree on that “Fantastic tree and thanks for sharing your techniques”!

    Kind regards from The Netherlands,

  3. Thanks for the post Brian, I have folders in my IE favorites, when I open it there are more sub folders and with 3 icons loose. One if to your site and it is the first one I go to anytime I am looking at bonsai. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone, you make it look so eash!

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