Separation Anxiety!

In February 2014, I approach-grafted an Itoigawa juniper cutting to this collected Rocky Mountain Juniper. It wasn’t a great graft, and I left it in place for 27 months to know it took. Over the last year, I weakened the scion between the graft union and the elevated pot, to force the scion to rely on the new host. In May 2016, I took the plunge…





To help prevent drying out, and maybe just to make me feel better, I took a tip from Kathy Shaner, and wrapped the graft with a cloth to keep it wet for a while.

It didn’t take long to see trouble… 4 days later and it was already yellowing. For comparison, the left tree is the parent tree from which the Itoigawa scion came:



After day 6…no doubt about it…

And now that I know it’s toast, I can’t photograph it straight on…so you’re going to just have to get a glimpse beyond the beautiful lush green foliage of the growing azalea.



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