JBP, ‘arakawa’ from Telperion Farms

Bought this from Chris Kirk at Telperion Farms in December 2014. They’re great growers out in Oregon. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on their website definitely give them a call or email. They have lots of stock! Here is the tree as received:

I let it grow all year in 2015 without pruning. Just wanted to get to know the tree, walk around it for a while, and determine what side would present the best front. So here it is in March, 2016:




Trees grown for bonsai have good bases, movement, taper, considered trunk sections, branches at the outsides of curves, and several options for a front.

See all the small shoots popping at the big branches? Those will be used to make the final branches over the next few years. Smaller branches offer flexibility, ramification close to the trunk, add a refined feeling, and thin branches make the trunk seem fatter.

It was finally time to reduce the tree to primary branches, spread them out, and balance the strength. I haven’t repotted it, so the tree should be plenty vigorous, and respond well to this pruning.





The remaining branches were spread out and lowered, in preparation for a great growing season.
Two good options for front:



Mid-April, and it’s budding strongly; you can get away with drastic work when you let the tree get strong, and work in the correct season:


Mid-June and it’s starting to take shape a little bit…

Late-June, before candle-cutting:

And in late-September. In the winter, it can be wired again, and thinned out.


4 thoughts on “JBP, ‘arakawa’ from Telperion Farms

  1. Brian, as I have said many times before, you make this look so easy! I studied the original picture trying to figure what would I cut off. Then watched as your work progressed, amazing to see the end results and the new growth is such healthy color. Thanks for the time you take to record your progress and share with others.

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