Bunzan Pots

Echizen Bunzan (artist’s name of pots by Kaoru Ito, made of Echizen clay) pots are really hit-or-miss for me. I can’t tell if he was brilliant, or prolific and occasionally lucky. Some of his glazes are a cool combination of colors, that end up looking like candy dishes, and some just “work”.

I’ve been doing a lot of homework on pots, glazes, and potters over the last few years. The more I study, the more I see a method to his madness. I don’t want a shelf full of candy dishes, but take a look at some of these interesting examples. Almost a Picasso-like interpretation of some very famous glazes:
Namako. Classic antique Chinese from Ryan’s site:

Bunzan’s deconstructed interpretation…one I couldn’t pass up:

A famous Tofukuji glaze.

Bay Island Bonsai 2008
I think Matthew Ouwinga is the current owner of this treasure:

Tofukuji made several containers with the hash mark pattern; usually accompanied by a drippy oribe glaze.
Check out this homage pot by Bunzan:

And one I picked up a couple years ago:


Here is another glaze, called Takatori-yu, a famous Cantonese glaze, difficult to produce. Of course Tofukuji perfected it:


(also from Ryan’s site):

And the Picasso-style version from Bunzan:



Finally, a multi-colored Tofukuji:

And its budget-conscious cousin:



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