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The Cycle Continues: Chishio Japanese Maple

Continuing the 5-7 year cycle for continuously improving “finished” trees, this represents year 5 in the current cycle.  Here is a shot from 2011, when the primary branches were coarser, but the ramification was finer; a few months after it was shown at the 2010 US National Bonsai Exhibition:

Fall color was ok this year, considering the heat and drought we had here, which amounted no measurable rainfall during the time between the US National Bonsai Exhibition in early September, and the Winter Silouette Show in early December.

With the leaves off, it made the winter pruning chore much easier:

After a little light pruning and branch adjustment:

I’ve been growing a long branch at the back in preparation for a thread graft, which will replace the awkwardly-emerging branch at the top of the first left branch.  It will enter the right side of the trunk, and exit the left side of the trunk, in the area which is currently a bit of a void on the left:

A virt to show the vision over the next few years:

I’ll post an update when I perform the thread graft.  For now, Merry Christmas to all!  See you next year.

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