Trident Pruning 2

This one has been growing out since 2009(?).  

The first trunk chop was done in 2013, and is about 75% healed:

I will breathe a sigh of relief when that bottom chop is closed; exposed chops tend to rot, which makes them nearly impossible to close, so it’s a race against time.  I reapply sealant several times a year to keep water out.

A bit of a haircut, removing the excessively thick branches, and keeping the sacrifice branch intact.

The upper section of trunk doesn’t translate well on 2D photos.  It moves forward, creating the illusion of a bulge.  Maybe it will be easier to photograph when it’s up on a bench.  For now, it’s on the ground, in an Anderson flat, and the roots have long-since escaped out the bottom and into the ground.  I’ll have to “collect” it when it’s time to repot!


2 thoughts on “Trident Pruning 2

  1. I really like what you are doing to this maple. I now have two growing in the ground along with Bristle cone pines in Anderson flats.

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