The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 3

Picking up where we left off last week, in the summer of 2016:

Fall color was nice:

And in January 2017, it was pruned back, to replace too-heavy branches with thinner ones, prune long shoots back to a couple buds, and reduce whorles to pairs.  

So let’s review.  Nearly 3 years ago, here was the tree:

And here was the advice received from a couple pros:

•Not much taper in upper primary branches. Normal for deciduous trees, but it does catch your eye.

•Trunk goes right, top goes left; straighten trunk in pot, fix branches.

•Grow center branch out to thicken it.

•Shorten left branch; too long and straight.

•Middle branches pointing down, lower branches pointing up; make low branches point down, middle branches point out, high branches point up.

•Open area exposes 3 branches at same height.

•Balance foliage; upper left and lower right are strong, upper right and lower left are thin.

Now, fast-forward to February 2017 and it’s time to prune.  Before:



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