Itoigawa repot

This itoigawa was grown out for years in a 2-gallon can, and I’ve been reducing the root mass since 2011.  This will be its 3rd bonsai pot, and maybe I’ve pushed it too far…? 

Current, production-grade Yamaaki; 11×3″

Last of the nursery soil is removed:

Tight squeeze…

10 1/4″ wide and 1 7/8″ deep Hokido container from a tokoname potter that fired pots from about 1979-1990.

With the canopy thinned out in a few weeks, it should appear less top-heavy.

3 thoughts on “Itoigawa repot

  1. Very nice pairing. I noticed you left a relatively large root-mass. Is this your standard approach with Junipers in general? Most of my re-potting experience lies in deciduous species. I’m thinking of re-potting a couple Junipers in a couple weeks, the first or second week of May. Would you think that’s good timing for my location in exciting New Hampshire? It’s remained relatively cool here, but should warm up shortly. Both trees seem to be “awake” as the tips are a nice fresh green.

    I really like this tree and you’ve done a great job horticulturally and it’s really maturing into the design.

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