Ficus Repot…pick a pot

Which do you prefer?  Post up a comment and I’ll show you what I went with next week.

Current, cheapo bag shape oval:

Vintage Chinese rectangle:

Round Sara Rayner:

Oribe Koyo rectangle:

15 thoughts on “Ficus Repot…pick a pot

  1. Being a Sara Raynor fan that the pot I would chose even if it make the picture a little on the dark side. But that where I live on the dark side. nice size the yellow one bring out the green in the leaves. but Sara wins

  2. I like the last one, the Oribe, or, to me, the Chinese one looked just fine. But then again, I am not the best a picking pots.

  3. Vintage chinese if it’s in fact glazed and not just the camera flash. Koyo if not the chinese pot is not glazed.

  4. i prefer the vintage chinese pot as the colour complements the grey color of the trunk and the leaf color. I like round Sara Raynor pot but think its a bit too dark for this tree.

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