A well-traveled Yamaaki pot

Ryan Bell found this pot on a Japanese auction for my hawthorn.  It is a first generation Yamaaki, Katoaka Akitsugu (1928-1966) with a rare chop, and a unique finish that appears to be sprayed over the clay, and glazed with a thin clear coat.  The effect is of a very worn cream color.

I bought it and and showed my hawthorn in it at the USNBE in Rochester, NY 2014:

The next year, I traded it to Matt Ouwinga in Maryland for the Suishoen on the left:

And he let it fly at auction from the US…the listing cracks me up

Then, 2 years later in 2017, Ryan sent this message from the U.K., where he was speaking at a Bonsai convention.  He found this pot again, sitting under a Larch in England:

3 continents.  Pretty cool, huh?


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