Arakawa JBP Update 2017 part 1

This is the Arakawa variety of JBP.  Not a Nishiki cultivar, but a rough barked variety.  The bark is nice and rough, but so far, rather flaky and not yet persistent.  That’s ok, the bark will improve as the tree is refined.  I chose a front and completed the first styling in March 2016:

and took it to a Kathy Shaner workshop in March 2017:

I started with cleaning out old needles, and reducing each shoot to a pair of buds and 10-12 pairs of needles:

Getting it into an easy-to-wire state:

Which I did, and Kathy adjusted:

And here is the end result for now:

Notice the trunk has been tilted to the right a bit?  I started by excavating the left side to confirm the base would look good at this angle.  With it confirmed, I repotted it the following weekend:

I broke down the left side of the root ball first:

And enough from the back and front to accommodate the change in planting position:

Then it was allowed to grow until mid summer:


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