The cycle continues: Hawthorn part 4a

The 2017 growing season was good. The last update is here, and the goal of this season is to continue refining the branches, making good transitions from secondary to tertiary branches, and rebuilding the upper right section with a graft and good growing. The apex still seems to hover a bit high, but in time, that will be addressed too.

End of growing season:

And now leafless:

Trimmed back:

One branch has been bothering me throughout this cycle. Look at the shot above and see if you can spot the one…

Need a hint? It’s this one:

Yes, it makes the right side a bit bare for the moment, but the thread graft is still there, and plenty of branches above and below can fill in the space. In a couple years, it will clearly have been the right call.

In late February, bud-break came early, so it was time again to repot…

In just a few weeks, it will be very full…and I’ll have to ride hard in the top, because this starting to get too thick.


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