“Peter Warren JBP” 2017 Update part 1

Quick history; bought this one back in 2009 from Brussel’s.  My son was less than 2 when I brought it home:

Here is the front:

Spring 2011, it has been allowed to grow freely.

Peter Warren did a demo with the tree in 4/11:

With a little help from my daughter…

Peter returned that fall for another round of work.  Here is a shot a couple years later in 2013:

It was repotted into its first bonsai pot in 2014, and I started working on pushing the growth back toward the trunk, and replacing heavy branches with finer ones.  Early 2015:

Late summer 2016:

After thinning, pruning, and wiring in spring 2017:

And repotting to a deeper and forward-leaning planting angle, although it still needs to lean more to the right, but that part of the root ball needs to be reduced in stages, so it leans a bit left now:

Growing well in early May:


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