Candle-Cutting time 2018

It takes about 100 days for the second flush of JBP growth to finish and harden off. That needs to happen before the first frost, so find your first frost date, and count back 100 days. That is when you should decandle black pines.

First up, this Arakawa cultivar from Telperion Farms. This one looks goofy because I’m letting the first right branch run wild for a few years in hopes of getting a back-bud closer to the trunk.

Done. See that “Irish moss” in the photo above? That stuff has to go. It is invasive, has a big root system, and prevents the soil from drying out. Interestingly, it starts out as very pretty deep green velvety moss. But don’t let it fool you!

Next up is this JBP, originally styled by Peter Warren in 2011. It’s coming along nicely. I like the trunk movement at this planting angle, and the branch structure is starting to mature a bit.




Moss removed here too, and a little light pruning to reduce clusters of shoots down to a pair of shoots.

I don’t stop feeding pines after candle cutting, so these will continue the regimen of Pant Tone cakes and regular doses of fish emulsion.

Good growing!


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