Shimpaku Styling 6

Picking up where this post left off…

Since I killed off half of the tree, I knew the next repotting would require some time and removing lots of dead roots. And, since this would be an aggressive repotting, I wanted to have a lot of foliage to fuel growth following repotting. So now the tree is full, and it is time to repot. The present pot is about 18″ wide by 4.5″ deep. The new pot, ideally, will be a 14″ wide by 4″ deep round.

Before the work:

The top photo is the original front, and the bottom photo is a front I’m leaning toward. The joy of a round pot…the circle of uncertainty…means any front can be the front.

Ok, unpotted and no doubt there’s work to do. I’m counting on bare-rooting,

Clipping away the dead roots carefully, and making sure all of the fine feeder roots remain intact, I continued to remove all the old soil from under the trunk.

This took about 90 minutes, but I managed to get out all the old soil, even out the roots, and retain just about all the fine roots.

Seems like the new, somewhat smaller pot will work.

I used a rock under the base to help secure it. On the side with the live vein, where all the feeder roots are, I worked in some finer grain akadama to help retain moisture and encourage growth.

The finished product for now:

And watered in…

Later this spring, I’ll unwire it and trim it back in preparation for fall work.

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